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 Rega IT Hp G62-300 Laptop LED Display Video Flex Cable images

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Rega IT Hp G62-300 Laptop LED Display Video Flex Cable

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HP G62-308CA
HP G62-318CA
HP G62-320CA
HP G62-323CA
HP G62-325CA
HP G62-327CA
HP G62-333NR
HP G62-337NR
HP G62-339WM
HP G62-340US
HP G62-341NR
HP G62-343NR
HP G62-346NR
HP G62-347CL
HP G62-347GL
HP G62-347NR
HP G62-348CA
HP G62-348NR
HP G62-349US
HP G62-351TU
HP G62-351TX
HP G62-352CA
HP G62-352TU
HP G62-352TX
HP G62-352US
HP G62-353NR
HP G62-353TU
HP G62-353TX
HP G62-354CA
HP G62-354TU
HP G62-354TX
HP G62-355CA
HP G62-355DX
HP G62-355TU
HP G62-355TX
HP G62-356TU
HP G62-356TX
HP G62-357CA
HP G62-357TX
HP G62-357YU
HP G62-358CA
HP G62-358NR
HP G62-358TU
HP G62-358TX
HP G62-359CA
HP G62-359TU
HP G62-359TX
HP G62-360TU
HP G62-360TX
HP G62-361TU
HP G62-361TX
HP G62-362TU
HP G62-362TX
HP G62-363NR
HP G62-363TU
HP G62-363TX
HP G62-364DX
HP G62-364TU
HP G62-364TX
HP G62-365CA
HP G62-365TU
HP G62-365TX
HP G62-366TU
HP G62-366TX
HP G62-367DX
HP G62-367TX
HP G62-368TX
HP G62-369TX
HP G62-370TX
HP G62-371DX
HP G62-371TX
HP G62-372US
HP G62-373DX
HP G62-373TX
HP G62-374CA
HP G62-374TX
HP G62-375TX
HP G62-376TX
HP G62-377TX
HP G62-378CA
HP G62-378TX
HP G62-379TX

Compare Your Old Screen Cable With The Picture Above

Covered in Warranty
Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects.

Warranty Summary
1 Month Warranty

Warranty Service Type
Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty. Customer needs to Carry in / send it for Replacement or Repairs and the Replaced Product will be sent back to Customer.

Not Covered in Warranty
Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels



1. The image on the screen appears normal until you move the display up or down. When you move the display, the images on the entire screen starts to flicker, disappear or change colors. As soon as you stop moving the display, the image gets back to normal.

2. The LCD screen lights up but there is no image at all. The entire screen is blank. An external monitor connected to the laptop VGA port works fine, there is no problems with the external video output at all.

3. Image on the entire LCD screen is garbled. An external monitor works fine.

In many cases the video cable failures are very similar to the LCD screen failures.


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Product details

Category: Lcd Cable For Hp G Series

Brand: Compatible For Hp Compaq

Compatible For Hp Compaq
We Sell laptops Parts Spares & Accessories like Laptop Battery Charger Keyboard Adapter Hinges for most Notebook brands i.e. Acer, Advent, Asus, Dell, Hp, Compaq, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Emachines, HCL, LG, MSI, Gateway, Packard Bell, Ibm, Sony, Toshiba etc guaranteed quality at affordable prices in India...

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