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 Rega IT Hp Envy 15-AE000 Laptop 19.5V 2.31A Charger 45W Adapter images

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Rega IT Hp Envy 15-AE000 Laptop 19.5V 2.31A Charger 45W Adapter

Old Price: Rs.1,499 53% discount

New Price: Rs.699

In stock

Price includes the Tax GST 18%, Free Fast Shipping | GST Bill | 24hrs Dispatch | COD

Charger Fits Below Laptop Models 

Hp Envy 15-AE000 Series

Hp Envy 15-AE000NA

Hp Envy 15-AE000NF

Hp Envy 15-AE000NG

Hp Envy 15-AE000NIA

Hp Envy 15-AE000NK

Hp Envy 15-AE000NP

Hp Envy 15-AE000NS

Hp Envy 15-AE000NT

Hp Envy 15-AE000NV

Hp Envy 15-AE000NX

Hp Envy 15-AE000UR

Hp Envy 15-AE001NA

Hp Envy 15-AE001NF

Hp Envy 15-AE001NK

Hp Envy 15-AE001NP

Hp Envy 15-AE001NT

Hp Envy 15-AE001NX

Hp Envy 15-AE001TX

Hp Envy 15-AE001UR

Hp Envy 15-AE002NA

Hp Envy 15-AE002NE

Hp Envy 15-AE002NF

Hp Envy 15-AE002NIA

Hp Envy 15-AE002NK

Hp Envy 15-AE002NS

Hp Envy 15-AE002NU

Hp Envy 15-AE002NX

Hp Envy 15-AE002TX

Hp Envy 15-AE002UR

Hp Envy 15-AE003NA

Hp Envy 15-AE003NE

Hp Envy 15-AE003TX

Hp Envy 15-AE003UR

Hp Envy 15-AE004NF

Hp Envy 15-AE004NIA

Hp Envy 15-AE004NL

Hp Envy 15-AE004TX

Hp Envy 15-AE004UR

Hp Envy 15-AE005TX

Hp Envy 15-AE005UR

Hp Envy 15-AE006NF

Hp Envy 15-AE006NG

Hp Envy 15-AE006NIA

Hp Envy 15-AE006TX

Hp Envy 15-AE006UR

Hp Envy 15-AE007NA

Hp Envy 15-AE007NE

Hp Envy 15-AE007NF

Hp Envy 15-AE007TX

Hp Envy 15-AE007UR

Hp Envy 15-AE008NE

Hp Envy 15-AE008NI

Hp Envy 15-AE008TX

Hp Envy 15-AE008UR

Hp Envy 15-AE009NA

Hp Envy 15-AE009TX

Hp Envy 15-AE009UR

Hp Envy 15-AE010NL

Hp Envy 15-AE010TX

Hp Envy 15-AE010UR

Hp Envy 15-AE011NA

Hp Envy 15-AE011TX

Hp Envy 15-AE011UR

Hp Envy 15-AE012LA

Hp Envy 15-AE012NB

Hp Envy 15-AE012TX

Hp Envy 15-AE012UR

Hp Envy 15-AE013NA

Hp Envy 15-AE013TX

Hp Envy 15-AE014TX

Hp Envy 15-AE015NA

Hp Envy 15-AE015TX

Hp Envy 15-AE016TX

Hp Envy 15-AE017TX

Hp Envy 15-AE018TX

Hp Envy 15-AE019TX

Hp Envy 15-AE020NG

Hp Envy 15-AE020TX

Hp Envy 15-AE021TX

Hp Envy 15-AE022TX

Hp Envy 15-AE023TX

Hp Envy 15-AE024TX

Hp Envy 15-AE025TX

Hp Envy 15-AE026TX

Hp Envy 15-AE027TX

Hp Envy 15-AE028TX

Hp Envy 15-AE029TX

Hp Envy 15-AE030NG

Hp Envy 15-AE030NO

Hp Envy 15-AE030TX

Hp Envy 15-AE031NO

Hp Envy 15-AE031TX

Hp Envy 15-AE032NG

Hp Envy 15-AE032NO

Hp Envy 15-AE032TX

Hp Envy 15-AE033NO

Hp Envy 15-AE033TX

Hp Envy 15-AE034NO

Hp Envy 15-AE034TX

Hp Envy 15-AE035TX

Hp Envy 15-AE036TX

Hp Envy 15-AE037TX

Hp Envy 15-AE038TX

Hp Envy 15-AE039TX

Hp Envy 15-AE040NO

Hp Envy 15-AE040TX

Hp Envy 15-AE041NR

Hp Envy 15-AE041TX

Hp Envy 15-AE042NO

Hp Envy 15-AE042NR

Hp Envy 15-AE042TX

Hp Envy 15-AE043TX

Hp Envy 15-AE044TX

Hp Envy 15-AE046ND

Hp Envy 15-AE047ND

Hp Envy 15-AE050NW

Hp Envy 15-AE053NW

Hp Envy 15-AE054NA

Hp Envy 15-AE058NA

Hp Envy 15-AE060NZ

Hp Envy 15-AE061NA

Hp Envy 15-AE061NZ

Hp Envy 15-AE061SA

Hp Envy 15-AE062NIA

Hp Envy 15-AE065NA

Hp Envy 15-AE065SA

Hp Envy 15-AE067NZ

Hp Envy 15-AE070NW

Hp Envy 15-AE070NZ

Hp Envy 15-AE076CA

Hp Envy 15-AE080NZ

Hp Envy 15-AE090NZ

Hp Envy 15-AE100

Product Specifications
Brand              Regatech
Colour             Black
Condition        New
Output DC Volts [V]   19.5V
Output DC Amps [A]  2.31A
Output DC Watts [W]    45W
Pin | Tip Size       4.5MM x 3.0MM
Power Input         100 - 240 V
Sales Package     1 Laptop Adapter + Power Cord

Product Features
High Quality Adapter, High Compatibility, High Efficiency
Protection against Over-current, Over-voltage, Short-circuit
Free Fast Shipping All Over India with Tracking Number

Product Warranty
Warranty Summary          6 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Service Type    Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty
Warranty Type                  Seller Warranty
Covered in Warranty        Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty    Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels

Important Information
Do not buy only based on part numbers. Parts numbers can be similar with different adapter model series.
Part number used in the title is only for reference. Actual product may have different part number.
Payment will be refunded if the product is out of stock. All order placed before cut off time will be dispatched on the same day.
Physically damaged items will not be replaced or refunded. Make sure your delivery address is complete with pin code & contact number
Item is NOT "Original"
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Product details

Category: Adapter For Hp Envy

Product weight: 0.5 kg.

Manufacturer: Hp Compaq Laptop Parts

Adapter Power Rating: 19.5V 2.31A 45W

Colour: Black

Brand: Regatech

Condition: New [Not Original]

Pin | Tip Size: 4.5 x 3.0MM

Sales Package: 1 Laptop Adapter + Power Cord

Warranty Summary: 6 Months on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Service Type: Carry in Warranty

Compatible Brand: For Hp Compaq